I can take it out and the engine will start and rev up without much of a problem. Please contact your local STIHL Dealer for inventory.. For a similar STIHL blower, please see the Homeowner Blowers page.. BG 55 Product Instruction Manual (PDF) Always use common sense when working with a gas-powered engine. Today I went out to my garage and noticed a very black, sooty fluid that had leaked out of the exhaust port of my leaf blower. New spark plug and cleaned spark arrestor. Stihl Leaf Blower BG55- Runs for auction. Stihl BG 55 Blower (BG55-Z) Parts Diagram Find all the parts you need for your Stihl Leaf Blower BG 55 at RepairClinic.com. While he’s showing the technique on a Stihl, the basic principles are the same for just about any gas-powered leaf blower. Air Filter. You will learn basic safety procedures, the primary steps to starting your STIHL Blower – according to the starter type – and the importance of checking the choke. 29 £15.09 £15.09 If there's no spark igniting the fuel in your Poulan leaf blower, then it won't start at all. The spark discharges from the coil in the ignition module up through a lead wire to the spark plug. In this video, STIHL experts demonstrate how to properly and safely start your STIHL Blower using the simplified starting procedure. Close. TOPINCN Blower Carburetor Replacement For Stihl BG45 BG46 BG55 BG65 BG85 SH55 SH85 Affordable Engine Parts Accessories 3.8 out of 5 stars 43 £14.29 £ 14 . Over time, your recoil starter can either get jammed with debris or the rope can break. A leaf blower that won't start at all may require fuel. Lawnboy7260G Productions 2010. For all those who are tired of yanking the pull-cord on their leaf blowing equipment – Discover the Stihl BR 450 C-EF backpack blower with “Electric Start”.No more idling while walking between site locations – no more pulling the ripcord- Just push the button on the throttle control – and start blowing. I have a BG55 leaf blower that leaks gas out of the exhaust muffler while the thing just sits. I have a Stihl BG55 blower. PICK UP TORONTO ONLY. Stihl BG45 BG46 BG55 BG65 BG85 SH55 SH85 Blower. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. When trying to start it seems like some fuel is blowing out of the exhaust. 29 Get it as soon as Tue, Dec 29 Make landscaping and yard work cleaning easier. Bid History for Leaf Blower STIHL BG55 69 db (A) Category II Auction Start Date: 02/25/14 12:46 PM ET Auction End Date: 03/11/14 8:46 PM ET Asset ID: 73 Number of Bids: 9. Put new carb and spark plug in it yesterday. Post by kennykenny » Tue Mar 24, 2020 9:58 pm. After many attempts it will not start. It is not jam packed full of features like some of the newer models, but it is reliable, and does the job well. ALL-CARB Carburetor Fits for Stihl BG45 BG46 BG55 BG65 BG85 SH55 SH85 Leaf Blower Replace C1Q-S68G C1Q-S64 C1Q-S68D C1Q-S68E $15.29 $ 15 . Posted by 1 month ago. People also ask, why does my Stihl blower not start? The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is … After the first couple minutes of running, the blower will normally bog down briefly and then I let off the throttle. ZAMA C1Q-S68G C1Q-S64 C1Q-S68D C1Q-S68E. Seems to me when I was a kid and tinkered with small engines that I could crank the engine with spark plug unscrewed and see whether it was sparking or not. New fuel, ran less than a week ago. STIHL BG-86 LEAF BLOWER. When I go for the trigger it revs but doesn't get going right away. I have been adjusting both of the carburetor screws because the blower does not always start well and when running, does not power up and does not idle well. In addition to a wide variety of power saws, Stihl also manufactures a complete series of leaf blowers. Features. I am having a problem starting my Stihl BG55 leaf blower. I have no history of it, only that it won't start. Carburetor C1Q-S64. Upon doing some thinking before I wrote in, I wanted to give the most accurate discription of the problem before I wrote in. ... cold start old start of a stihl bg 55 leaf blower maxwellsworld - Duration: 2:13. Discussion Starter • #1 • Mar 30, 2012. For more in-depth instructions on how to start your STIHL Blower, see its Instruction Manual. 1 Posts . The BG 55 blowers are no longer in production, however some units may still be available in your area. 11 possible causes and potential solutions . Stihl Blower W/Electric Start. Do you have the choke open or Like all compression tests it matters not what throttle or choke settings you use because yo continue cranking the engine till the reading stops rising.For STIHL BG 56 and BG 86 C-E. If the problem was the spark plug, then the blower should start properly. I've had it running up until recently by babying the choke and basically running it … We have manuals, guides and of course parts for common BG 55 problems. I have a Stihl bg55 leaf blower that at one time leaked gas out of the exhaust port. Stihl 42291200606 4229 1200 606. Just used this last night. I'm fairly certain at some point it's had bad/wrong mixed gas and/or rainwater run through it (it's sat outside my landlord's house in the rain for weeks). 1-800-269-2609 24/7. ModelBG45 BG46 BG55 BG65 BG85 SH55 SH85. I have a stihl BG55 leaf blower that will start and won't run with the spark arrestor in. Starting Up The Stihl BG55 For The First Time In 2010. The STIHL BR 350 is a very powerful, economical and low maintenance backpack blower aimed at the heavy domestic or professional user.. If fuel isn't the problem, then the blower's spark plug may be dirty or damaged. There's a number of reasons why your leaf blower might be failing to start up, and it typically depends on what fuel your models uses – petrol, electricity or battery. Your Account. All parts that fit a BG 55 Blower . I was given a Stihl BG75 leaf blower. Fully featured, high performance and fantastic value. Easily deal with tough tasks. I have a Stihl BG55 leaf blower and I want to do a compression test on it but I'm not certain to the procedures involved. Condition is "For parts or not working". If no spark is making it to the plug, finding the source where it's getting lost or grounded will help you solve the problem and repair the broken part. Any ideas as to what … Stihl BG55 Carb Adjustment Help. Carburetor C1Q-S50. An item that has been used previously. I have replaced the spark plug but to no avail. Free repair advice! En español Live Chat online. EASY START==STARTS ON 1/2 PULLS. No Video Available. View solutions. Stihl SH85 leaf blower. I replaced the sparkplug, still wouldn't start. Working with a Stihl BG 56C leaf blower. NIMTEK 2 Pack Air Filter with Fuel Filter Spark Plug Gasket Primer Bulb Turn up kit for Stihl Blower BG45 BG46 BG55 BG65 BG85 SH55 SH85 BR45C 4.6 out of 5 stars 116 $9.20 My BG55 cranks up just fine after a couple pulls with the choke on and will run great across the entire rpm range when I initially start using the blower. The first time I noticed this, it started and ran fine no problems. If I remove the air cleaner and spray starter fluid into the carb it will start and run perfectly. 1. Your Account. If you’ve had your leaf blower in storage over … It leaked until the tank was dry! Find the most common problems that can cause a Stihl Leaf Blower not to work - and the parts & instructions to fix them. I have a Stihl BG55(pawnshop find, cheap) that bogs down at the start. Stihl BG 55 Blower (BG55) Parts Diagram Select a page from the Stihl BG 55 Blower diagram to view the parts list and exploded view diagram. Old fuel left in your petrol leaf blower. It bogs down and I flirt with the choke on/off and run trigger back and forth a few times to get it to full throttle. I drained the fuel in both and proceeded to add the couple teaspoons of fuel to the carburetor of the backpack blower...It would not start at all still. Remove the spark plug, and wipe it dry with a clean rag. Although the Stihl BG55 leaf blower has been phased out in 2016, it is still a decent purchase if you can find one for sale. It starts fine, quite easy in fact. Carburetor C1Q-S55A. Super Battery Life and Fast Charger ; This cordless leaf blower is equipped with a 20v/2.0ah lithium-ion battery and a fast charger, which takes 1 h to fully charge, you can observe the battery level through the power indicator at any time; This battery blower can work for 30-min under full power in gear 1 and 15-min in gear 2 If a leak is identified, do not use the leaf blower until you replace the line or have it professionally serviced. Fresh gas and a new spark plug. Roughly 8 years old. Package Contents: Leaf blower won't start. Quickly clear leaves and debris more efficiently with this gas powered leaf blower from Stihl. 1x Carburetor Air Filter Fuel Line Kit. New to the forum. Stihl BG55 Gas Powered 27cc Leaf BlowerSKU#224884A Shipping is not available for this item. Leaf blower won't turn on. The gas-powered, two-cycle engine on your Stihl leaf blower starts via a starter rope and rewind spring mechanism more commonly known as a recoil starter. 2x Recoil Starter Spring For Stihl BG45 BG46 BG55 BG65 Garden Blower Replacement. (not running). Pages in this diagram. Details: *100% brand new and high quality *For Stihl BG45 BG46 BG55 BG65 BG85 HS45 SH55 SH85 engine part *Replace OEM for 4228 190 0600 *Highly matched to the original device *Sturdy and durable, long service life *Color: As Pictures Show . Hi All, looking for some input. The last time I used it, it had about 4 to 5 ounces of fuel in the tank. The arrestor is 100% clean but when I put it in I can start the motor but it will not accelerate up. Stihl BG55 blower not starting. The Stihl BG55 blower and my Echo backpack blower did not have the same fortune and still wouldn’t start.

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