Key aspects of the pre-join degree in professional policing. Working with the University of West London we have three exciting MSc degrees available for September this year. The programme helps equip you with a broad understanding of policing while examining the causes, legal framework and responses to crime. The MSc programmes cover key issues for policing and will be an excellent development for officers and others to study in depth key issues and concepts of policing. UCL Security & Crime Science is the first university department in the world devoted specifically to reducing crime and other risks to personal and national security, and houses the Institute for Global City Policing, which aims to foster cutting edge research on policing in a globalised world. The course will focus on … Law, criminology and policing degree courses and research Engage with contemporary issues in life and society by exploring law, crime and the criminal justice system through our multidisciplinary degrees “The course certainly gave me more direction about where I wanted to go…without the skills I acquired from university … By June 2021, policing will become a graduate-qualified profession in England and Wales, so a relevant degree is a requirement for anybody wanting to become a fully operational police officer. Criminology in action. The BA Criminology (Policing and Investigations) shares its core with the BA Criminology, while offering a series of modules with a focus on contemporary policing and … We are licenced by the College of Policing to offer the pre-join degree in Professional Policing, allowing you to study first and then apply to a force and follow a shorter on-the … It is important to note that for progression into a career in the police force, a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check will be carried out. At the University of East London, we are developing a suite of qualifications for those already in policing or those wishing to join through our Centre of Professional Policing (the CoPP).. This course is for existing police … You’ll explore the concepts of evidence-based policing and crime science before applying these to, firstly, key approaches in policing and investigation, such as securing eye witness testimony and interviewing techniques, officer deployment and offender targeting, crime reduction and self-selection policing. When considering this type of programme, forces should note that: most are three-year programmes, but a two-year version was developed in 2020; Licensed by the College of Policing, our course is the first approved 'pre-join degree' in the South West, providing an excellent route … The pre-join degree may also be of interest or benefit to those considering a career in other roles within policing, for those seeking to understand how society is policed, for those who have an interest in law enforcement or for those who want to enter the wider justice sector. Policing is changing - adapting and evolving to meet the needs and requirements of today and tomorrow's society. Our criminology degree is one of the first in the world and we offer one of the most innovative programmes in the UK. I do not feel safe policing London’s streets and, moreover, increasingly I do not feel that people in London are safe. Completion of the Pre-join Policing degree does not guarantee recruitment as a trainee police constable, but is one of the three entry routes into the policing profession as of 2020.