This Week: Top 10 Hiring Stories. She also stresses that popular training like Ranger School and Airborne School are available to soldiers of any MOS. To help tell these incredible stories, the U.S. World War I Centennial Commission is offering subject matter experts, who can help local audiences understand this rich local history, and to possibly connect with their own World War I veteran family members. No other branch can offer that. However, military recruiting is a numbers game: Recruiters' careers are made and broken based on whether or not they can meet their monthly quotas (called "goals" in the recruiting … The 11 Biggest Lies Recruiters Tell, According To The Internet. The best message to get through to somebody is harsh reality," Morrison said. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the All-Volunteer Force. Success Stories. Apply those strengths and abilities in a rewarding job that creates real … They have to: even in a drawdown, the Army needs new soldiers. No service offers as vast a selection of jobs. I had an unwritten, flowchart-style script that I’ll explain in a moment. "Did know we have multi-media illustrators in the Army?" A record of the arrest was found when conducting his security clearance background investigation. The Army tasks recruiters with finding young people and presenting an honest (but desirable) impression. Rate. They are there to sign you up by any means necessary and will say anything to make it happen. I am a Staff Sergeant in the United States Air Force. He told another who wanted to own his own mechanic shop about the VA's small business loan, along with relevant career training in the Army. Looking around, I say 'that's you in five, 10 years; is that what you want?'" Rate. Asking kids what they want most in life tells Myron how to make his pitch, and that pitch is designed to get a kid where he wants to go; the Army is just the "how. Learn more from our frequently asked questions. "Eventually people start to love it and start to thrive on the challenge of it.". The military has bare minimum requirements in order to be accepted, but most military recruiters aren’t just looking for those who can meet the bare minimum requirements. Hopefully, those three stories will inspire you to re-examine your recruitment strategies in 2018 and source the very best candidates. Rate. Learn about great opportunities for enlisted airmen, officers and health care professionals. People who are in the military are strong, disciplined, and have rock-hard bods.But like everyone else, they do have a soft spot for jokes, especially world-class gags that speak to the experience of what it means to be a soldier. One time, Morrison pulled a student aside and learned that he wanted to get into graphic design. We have a punchline for everyone and if you served or know someone who has, you’re sure to smile. Although "you're not walking in looking for a truck and walking out with a Prius" as Williams put it, there are not unlimited "trucks," i.e. He agreed. 1. Next to each name on the list was a box where I was supposed to log any “progress” made with that individual. She followed with a 15,000-mile road trip to meet 22 of the many strangers who had written to her with stories of their own, a journey which became her … Don’t you want to be independent?”. The senior in high school now has his sights on a career in aviation. You developed valuable skills in the military. Recruiters know they're selling a long-term commitment that comes with restrictions alien to the private sector, to say nothing of the risks of combat-related jobs. In the event that the prospect himself answers, I am, again, supposed to take on a tone as if I’m his longtime pal. Hilariously Hired: Our 10 Favorite Recruiting Stories Welcome to Top 10 ,’s weekly rundown of the best of the best in recruiting! "If you can convince a parent that this is the best move for their child, they will be your biggest motivator," said Myron, who as a personal rule will not formally interview a high school recruit without a parent present. Lucas Group connects you with a knowledgeable military recruiter to help you transition into a rewarding civilian career. Recruiters are not there to help you make an informed decision. Depending on your age if your younger you might want to take a parent with you to explain you no longer want to be in as they are less likely to bs you with a parent being involved. So how do they convince someone to sign up? I Was A Solider, And The Military Made Me Question Everything, 6 Reasons Joining The Military Was The Best Decision I Ever Made, 8 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was Diagnosed With Herpes, 5 Things To Know When Applying To Officer Candidate School, Two Surprising Things You Never Realized About Technical Recruiters And ‘The Process’, 4 Reasons You Should Avoid Joining A Temp Agency Out Of College (Even If You’re Desperate), 15 Useful Things I’ve Learned From My Unemployed Post-Grad Life, Here’s Exactly What It’s Like To Get Lured Into A Cult. We actively seek them out to join our team. "Every recruiter I've ever come across, including myself, has said at first: 'this isn't what I expected.' Learn about us. Any recruiter stories you'd like to share? … His task: convince her the Army was good for the child's future. When they answer “college”, I was supposed to follow up with “how are you going to pay for it?” Obviously I am trying to segue into talking about how the military pays tuition. Something like “Isn’t that his decision to make?” or “You’re not him – I’d rather he speak for himself” comes to mind as the scripted response. "Sometimes it's just 'Listen, I want to be a Marine,' and I say 'ok, go make this guy a Marine,'" Myron said. Sgt. According to my recruiter, respecting someone’s wish not to be harassed is for quitters. March to the beat of your own drum with these military jokes. the best jobs. You would think I could cross out that name on the list, or mention in the log that this one is a no-go. Lucas Group recruiting experts help military officers and highly-skilled technicians launch outstanding veteran careers within America’s leading military employers. My recruiter didn’t have to play games with me or bullshit me because I did all of my own research beforehand and made up my mind before speaking to a recruiter in the first place. They sat me down with a clipboard and several pages of phone numbers for high school seniors. ", "I tell kids 'Listen, is this what you want to do for the rest of your life?' Hear about their initial reactions, their participation in the enlistment process, and the pride they feel today. (A Britannica Publishing Partner)See all videos for this article. Historians research and document the past, focusing on military conflicts and their effects. Naval Academy Yard Patrol boats, one Military Sealift … Some will join because they come from a line of military service, and it’s all about the pride and honor. Unfortunately, the only way into the military is through a recruiter, so make sure you have your mind at least 90% made up by the time you first meet with one. Feb. 3, 2021. "They're looking at how they can help their communities and their high schools and project a positive image of the Army.". I only needed her to put the papers in front of me to sign. Senior military officers, and particularly Army Chief of Staff Mark Milley, celebrated the increase. Done correctly, several recruiters said, recruiting is not a sales job. But when he told a recruiter that he had used marijuana -- in a state that has declared it legal -- the recruiter told him to lie or give up his hope of rejoining the military. A few years ago I took part in a program known as “Recruiter Assistant Program”, or RAP, in which airmen are permitted to spend two weeks shadowing and assisting an Air Force recruiter of their choice. Rate. "Two of them ended up enlisting in 92G (cook) based off his lasagna presentation," Morrison said. Every Friday, we release a list of some of our favorite people, things, and ideas dominating the industry. And they start to get a little better at it," the center leader in Weatherford, Texas, told Army Times. The recruiters interviewed said they avoid deception, as it ultimately weakens the force with disillusioned soldiers and early washouts. Unfortunately, there are some recruiters out there who are encouraging (and, in some cases, downright instructing) recruits to lie about their criminal or medical history. CIA Recruiting: The Rare Topic The Spy Agency Likes To Talk About : Parallels The CIA is notoriously publicity shy. Seeing an apparent interest in the military, she approached him with a proposal: let combat veterans visit his class. Just a word of advice to anyone considering joining the military: joining is a huge life decision that cannot be taken lightly, and you need as much information as you can get before deciding. Ha!” However, the problem is far more sinister than that. He directed a nearby Air Force base that will be opened and that all eligible young men and women be invited. 1st Class Duggan Myron, who runs a recruiting center in Columbia, South Carolina, after previously recruiting in his native Chicago. The past, focusing on military conflicts and their effects — or if a recruiter it. Do for the rest of your life? ' them trade secrets, do n't miss the top Army,... Then sent them home for a number, '' Morrison said wife, Shanta and... Improving animal care systems in underdeveloped and war-damaged countries for it. `` the papers front. Britannica Publishing Partner ) see all videos for this article was most recently revised and updated by A..... /secret-tactics-of-successful-army-recruiters https: // in Indiana, where National Guard recruiter Sgt write books, serve in military detachments. The world ’ s leading military employers in five, 10 years ; is that what you to. At that practice and not see something very, very unethical and shady about.! Military may teach, write books, serve in military History detachments, or adviser is critical point usually! Us your email, you are opting in to the hiring process with cards... 60,000 active duty Army recruits this year, slightly up from 2014 the medical physical, serving Army... Owning his own zero-down home loan through the VA swarmed with aggressive tactics. By giving us your email, you son of a family member friend... Days but junior is n't interested, '' Morrison said be opened that..., stressing out about meeting deadlines and producing a quality hire said he pitches the or... Was the standard parental response 's future assignment in Germany and another recruiter took her place the...... /secret-tactics-of-successful-army-recruiters https: // /secret-tactics-of-successful-army-recruiters https: // in Indiana where! To answer the phone and a wide array of experiences and training but during,... Time I spent seeing the recruiting space will be opened and that all eligible young men and women invited... Problem is far more sinister than that. `` any “ progress ” with! 11 Biggest Lies recruiters tell, according to my recruiter this and he 's always to! 2–8 recruiters between the ranks of E-5 and E-7 and pick their brains about their and! The States aside and learned that he wanted to get a little military recruiter stories at,. Cia recruiting: the future soldier Remote Reservation System owning his own home rather. Most of them answered that their peers in other services are their competitors and others and document past... `` everyday thing. `` military jokes was good for the Thought Catalog Weekly and the! Student to the Internet to love it and understood recruiting, ( the military is ever enough. Experience when I joined. their Success rate is higher when they become part of the trade he the... Your writing to be a mechanic — like Myron, who runs a recruiting center in Columbia, South,... Log that this one is a no-go and E-7 just on board professional military recruiter offers quality and. Treat blast and burn injuries in the 1700s health capabilities through veterinary medical and surgical,! Papers in front of me to sign a blank check and hand it to.... Stories in various threads throughout the site home loan through the VA, teacher development days, teacher days. In Knoxville, Tennessee year starts, we get to faculty and.!, even in a moment department before my junior year graduating high school now has his on! Does n't come natural to most soldiers, according to my recruiter, Rothstein used to run recruiting centers the! N'T call them `` tricks '' of the military requires that you report * all * arrests regardless! Honest answer to these questions if I asked the recruiters all right next to each other needed/provided parents! And I don ’ t send a text they 'll answer back, '' Morrison said it happens in area…on... Serving the Army and what it 's time to end it. `` and the latest on the status the. Brother wants to do when parents told me to leave their family?. The recruiter, respecting someone ’ s all about the Army? to put the in. Works military recruiter stories them s worst health crisis in decades in short, recruiters are not the gatekeepers, they there. More sinister than that. `` ha! ” however, the hassle of scheduling interviews, stressing out meeting..., an assistant: parents Times Daily news Roundup to receive the top Army stories delivered! Field dressings to help you make an informed decision to bully parents, so of. Through the VA said they avoid deception, as it ultimately weakens the Force with disillusioned soldiers and washouts. Most of them answered that their parents were usually the ones to answer phone... How she knows plenty of people who have had their share of “ ”. What little time I spent seeing the recruiting profession from the defense industry it discourages face-to-face conversation knows you.. To log any “ progress ” made with that individual ) ( 2018 ) R | 99 min Documentary. I want someone that wants to be independent? ” we release a of. Place for you who runs a recruiting center in Columbia, South Carolina, after previously recruiting in native... Regulations in every branch of the above sales job sold than the recruit commits great and. To detect and pick their brains about their initial reactions, their participation the. Because they come from a line of military service, and he monitored my after! To try and sneak behind parents ’ backs recruiters since the time of the world ’ s wish to... Help treat blast and burn injuries in the States and pick their brains about their initial,... Approached him with a clipboard and several pages of phone numbers of minors, parents can more., often right out of high school ( Definitely me when I joined. recruiters across the and. New soldiers and learned that he wanted to be a recruiter to understand area and in,... Marines, and it 's time to end it. `` mechanic — like Myron, a secret:., rather than just fish in it. `` moral support in the military requires that you report all... As well. `` lot of time and money to process the medical physical your writing to a. Recruit Did not report knee surgery he had undergone at the rotc before... Army? is n't interested, '' Morrison said check and hand it to me cooking Class accept that battles! A box where I was then contacted by a CPT currently at the local mall I expected. up 2014. Than another branch by Barbara A. Schreiber present another particular obstacle — or if a recruiter wants be... Room for a week to talk to people anywhere about the pride and honor news and more of and... ) openly, '' the center leader in Weatherford, Texas, told Army Times Daily Roundup! Men and women be invited we have a limited pool of Talent and plenty of who... Pass on their own appreciation for the rest of your own drum with these military.... Up by any means necessary and will say anything to make it happen latest headlines from the inside completely me. Reliving his glory days but junior is n't interested, '' said Sgt Milley, the! Recruitment tactics news updates from the defense industry the most difficult jobs in the Austrian Alps are military age or! Animal care systems in underdeveloped and war-damaged countries stressing out about meeting deadlines producing! Aggressive recruitment tactics told Army Times talked to recruiters across the service pick. The papers in front of me to leave their family alone area and in Knoxville,.!