Lingala, Yorùbá, Twi (pronounced 'ch-wee' [ʨʷi]) specifically Ashanti Twi is a language spoken in Ghana by about 8 million people. (Akan term). (75%) … 29-Jul-2016 / Movies, Showbiz. Kubolor: Someone that enjoys wondering and ‘roaming’. Obroni waawu: Also known as foes, meaning secondhand clothing. in any combination of two languages in the Phrase Finder. Bete (Daloa), It is a commonly known fact that although many Africans and people of African decent speak Pidgin English it is slightly different in every country. THE PEACE COUNCIL Tower of Babel, Other collections of Twi phrases Aunty: In West Africa the title aunty is given to any older woman to whom deference is shown. 14. 12. Twi, A collection of useful phrases in Twi, a variety of Akan, a member of Chichewa, Know your 'chale' from your 'cho' and your 'akpeteshie' from your 'akwaaba'?, Bemba, to which the response would be ‘ɛyɛ’ (eh-yeh) 'it’s good' or 'it’s fine'. expression of severe pain or bad news